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Dance Video

  Note: Works displayed here, show their estimated value and not final sale prices. Contact must first be made with the vendor at hloveart@gmail.com  

The Dancers, Oil on Canvas, 72x36 inches  Value: $4000 

The Flood, Acrylic on Canvas, 7x5ft,  Value: $4000

Kids At Toys, Acrylic on Canvas, 5x7ft Value: $4000

Spring in Stone, Oil on Canvas, 34x34inches Value: 3000 +s/h

Embers, Oil on Canvas, Value: $3000 +s/h

The Bathers, Oil on Canvas,  50x12 inches, Value: $3000 NFS 
Prints Available Upon Request

"Arbus," Oil on Canvas

"Kids at Toys," Acrylic on Canvas

"The Flood," Acrylic on Canvas

3D Model of DART Collective at The SUB SF

This link works on mobile and desktop platforms. Click on the image and a new window will open with the 3D tour (please be patient with slow connections) Enjoy!



APOPHENIA, was a live performance piece designed by Harrison Love. Performed by Jen Whiddon Set to Music by Wylie Cable The Live Performance debuted at SOMArts Cultural Center for the Annual Night Lights Gala on July 18th 2015.
More information and Updates can be found @ www.harrisonlove.com


APOPHENIA by Harrison Love