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There are several easy to access slideshows of my work available at the bottom of this page or you can navigate to the different portfolios of my work by clicking the tabs above. The main page features recent news and media related to my work.

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APOPHENIA by Harrison Love



3D Model of DART Collective at The SUB SF

This link works on mobile and desktop platforms. Click on the image and a new window will open with the 3D tour (please be patient with slow connections) Enjoy!

NYC Street Art Article- LOVE SPECTRUM (A collaboration with Colin The WIZARD)

Note: this picture is from the LOVE SPECTRUM collaborative installation between myself and Colin THE WIZARD of San Francisco. Many Thanks Colin!

"Beautiful Later," a Love Brothers Collaboration at Citi Pond at Bryant Park, 5th ave and 42nd St. NYC!

“Fashion is what seems beautiful now but looks ugly later; art can be ugly at first but it becomes beautiful later.”
- from the eulogy for Steve Jobs.

Beautiful Later showcases abstract paintings by Harrison and Macdonald Love. Different aspects of their combined portfolios were selected by Celsius to express the spirit and experience of Citi Pond at Bryant Park.

Harrison Love
I believe in art's ability to express the inexpressable.
Take a moment to look around at this city and see the systems which we have devised to help us understand nature. Perspectival lines carve through our landscapes; steel and concrete are laid over every square foot and yet in our parks we honor nature by manicuring its shape and guiding its growth.

"ColdSnap" is a sudden blizzard upon a lush mountain landscape, carved into the viewer’s mind by abrupt shapes and sudden form.

"SpringFollow" is a fresh breath rushing into a winter world, revealing rocks which ford ponds and rivers exciting the senses with the potential of the new.

My work begins naturally and follows a process of careful manicuring to guide the paintings natural growth.
I believe my paintings explore the ineffable ideas within nature and within ourselves.

Macdonald Love
I believe in the health of art.
My paintings are elaborate narratives built from provocative relationships that invoke the creative impulse.

"Airplay" is an endless line dancing against a target, finding form in the morphing architecture of repetition and experimentation.

"Appleseed" is two lovers embracing from all sides, finding eachother against a landscape of seasons and summits.

The health of art resides in our ability to inspire creative confidence in ourselves and others. My goal is to create a world of meaningful adventure that is mutually unique and self-illuminating for the artist in us all.

Information about the Harrison Love is near the bottom of this webpage. To find information about Macdonald Love please visit
A panel with artist information will be displayed near the artwork soon.
The paintings are for sale and can be acquired in February after the closing of Citi Pond and the Celsius restaurant. 

For purchase information please contact:

@ The Art Student's League of New York: The Tunisian Collaborative Painting Workshop

@ The Art Student's League of New York: The Tunisian Collaborative Painting Workshop

(The group i participated with)

(Our Orchestra)

HLOVE Featured in a New Book , "The Late Work"

"The Late Work," is a collection of artwork from several artists creating a dialog on the future of art.